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Meet The Team

Tom Lowe


Contract Manager

Direct Dial 07712676298


I’ve been in the Insurance industry for 19 years, straight from leaving University. Having previously learned my trade in the general Commercial/Corporate Insurance sector, I’ve now been at the Risk Factor providing specialist risk solutions to the public sector for 2 years.

My role involves the day-to-day administration of our existing client accounts, providing advice and assistance and managing renewals, queries and claims in conjunction with Keith Holmes, our Client Services Director.

Out of work I am a keen music enthusiast and enjoy attending various gigs/festivals. I’ve been learning to play the bass guitar for the last year and one day hope to form an electric funk blues band!

Tony Needham


Client Services Director

Registered Risk Practitioner (MAICP)


My interest has always been in public sector insurance requirements – I love the complexity of the activities and types of risks, from high-tech university laboratories, to refuse and recycling, there’s almost nothing our public sector doesn’t get involved with and it has given me a very wide understanding of the nature of risks.

Having been in this side of the industry for 20+ years, as a registered risk practitioner I have always enjoyed investigating and mitigating the variety of risks that come with complex organisations. During my time, I have spent most of it working in various National Brokers, Aon, AJ Gallagher, Marsh, Hendersons often at director or practice leader level. My move to The Risk Factor was motivated by the different approach, the collaboration with clients, instead of viewing them as a sales target;  it’s so refreshing.

Working in a place where our interests are aligned with clients instead of coming into conflict with them takes the pressure off and allows us to do the right thing without worrying about the consequences at board report time. Spare time they ask? What spare time?? I am a complete gadget and tech freak. I love playing around with the latest that the world of tech has to offer.

Keith Holmes



Chartered Insurance Broker


If you don’t remember Eagle Star Insurance Company then you are probably not as old as me. This was where I started my lifelong career in insurance as a trainee liability underwriter. Next came loss adjusting before joining a small local community broker and then what was Smart and Cook until eventually rising to the heady heights of Branch Director of Bluefin.

The promise of adventure (yes even in insurance) led me to make the move to Riyadh where I was the Sales & Development Manager for Arabian Shield Insurance – a co-operative insurer.  That co-operative ethos led me to find my natural home in The Risk Factor on returning to the UK where I have been for 6 years and become a director, integrally involved in the MBO of the company.

The ability to use our expertise and be free of the big company mentality and the interests of corporate shareholders and multinational owners driving only for profit margin is what gives me the passion to stand away from the crowd of the “typical” National broker Approach.

Outside of work I am bewitched by my beautiful little granddaughter (no I don’t look old enough do I?) who has me wrapped entirely around her little finger!

Rhiannon Bates


Managing Director


Direct Dial 07702 870998


I was destined for insurance! It’s the family business and there was no escape. For some years I worked at a National Broker and was responsible for negotiating deals with the insurers, so I know the kind of deals that are done and the way the costs impact the pricing of products from insurers. Now I get the best of all worlds. We can focus on advice and get involved in the challenges our clients face, without the politics or the shareholder interests to contend with. Being involved in our clients’ businesses is fascinating and really gets the creative mind working to find ways we can help them overcome obstacles, in an affordable way.

We have a team who is completely devoted to the ethos of transparency, of being aligned with our clients instead of our suppliers. They are a joy to work with. I was very proud that their efforts have culminated in us being awarded Community Broker of the Year 2018 in the Insurance Broker Awards, specifically for our work with the public sector and the impact that has had on local communities.

Outside of work, I play taxi driver to two small children, camp in the back garden, referee the sharing of toys (or not!), tread on lego, battle imaginary monsters … and dream of the day I’ll be able to get back to a yoga class. Oh and I also teach scuba diving.