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Our Story


Our team at The Risk Factor is dedicated to finding ways for your organisation to save money when it comes to insurance. We’ll sift sand to ensure all possibilities have been considered.

We’re made up of former national brokers who’ve jumped ship. The reason? Fairness. And transparency. In our respective roles, we didn’t enjoy the broker approach. We felt their strategies satisfied insurers and brokers at the expense of customers, wasting public and corporate money that could be invested in other areas of the organisation or in the community as a whole.

Our rebellious nature shone through as we created The Risk Factor, independent procurement specialists illuminating the dark art of insurance procurement in the public sector. Since then, we’ve extended our services to the corporate sector and beyond. Our insurance alchemy highlights where hidden costs lead, helping you to regain control and save money in the process.

We are leading experts in providing bespoke insurance supply chain solutions. We offer a full and truly independent suite of services from insurance coverage, programme design and tender consultancy solutions, through to the provision of insurance management and broker services. Our clients’ interests always come first!

Meet the Team