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Unravelling the mystery of insurance

A strategic approach to business and risk analysis


Every organisation must rely heavily on a solid risk and insurance strategy which is in sync with your business aims.

A strategic approach to risk analysis and appetite for risk yields a stronger foundation for organisational sustainability, now and in the future.


  • Using the Review and Audit, we aim to identify risks you may face, carefully considering the full perspective, both short-term and long-term
  • From this, we conduct and consider our approach strategically, offering alternative risk transfer methods some other advisers may shy away from, including self-insurance, larger deductibles and more
  • This strategic approach to research and analysis allows us to identify patterns unique to your operations. These insights can inform other approaches when considering the best risk and insurance strategies to fit the business
  • As we look at previous claims and the culture that surrounds your industry and business, we aim to hit a strategic ‘sweet spot’. This gives you the right balance between transferring the risk to third parties and maintaining your own risk controls, always considering the total cost of risk


You’ll see in our Meet the Team page that we left the national broker world because we felt we could better serve the client’s best interests in an unconflicted manner with a different, more transparent and collaborative approach. When we set up The Risk Factor, we ensured that this transparency and collaboration was at the heart of everything.

Our experts are highly analytical in their approach to identifying risk. Existing risks may be liable to evolve and new risks may present themselves. When they do, we react quickly and with precision, and our collaborative, methodical strategy amplifies this.

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