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Risk Practitioner


Taking the weight of the decisions you make

A team of former national brokers provide expert consultancy in-house

We provide an expert team of in-house risk practitioners to provide the support and administration for all of your risk and insurance needs, whether due to a long-term staff absence or if you’re looking to outsource your operation entirely.


  • We use our knowledge to ensure the lead practitioner guides and supports your team on risk analysis of procurement, new concepts, products, campaigns, and events
  • We act as an internal team member to provide consistency and sustainability of the organisation via rationalisation and suitability
  • We draw upon our experience as former brokers to effectively manage ongoing claims and take a broader look at claims management to find areas of improvement
  • Our practitioners also undertake or manage thorough administrative duties throughout the year where insurance and risks are concerned to ensure any ongoing changes will not impact the structure or day-to-day running of your business


It’s worth noting that our Risk Practitioner team usually consists of three individuals; a lead practitioner, a secondary practitioner, and an administrator. All of our practitioners have over 20 years of experience, so are masterful wizards at finding gaps, managing change, and advising on new risks.

Within the team, we perform an internal peer review function and our close collaboration ensures you are never left with a gap in the continuity of service.

Our flexibility allows us to cater to many needs, from the public sector to the corporate. Our experienced practitioners can work on-site or remotely with meetings held when and where you need us.


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