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Review & Audit


The start of alchemy

If you’re able to save money on the cover you don’t need and redistribute in other areas of the business, why wouldn’t you?


Our initial insurance review and audit exists to provide a comprehensive report on your current cover. Our experts analyse all aspects of that cover which provides the foundation for our advice.


  • By conducting a thorough assessment of your business, we uncover unforeseen risks that you may not be covered for and provide alternative options to best protect you
  • We expose those risks which may not apply to your organisation, and, if appropriate, help to remove these from your cover; freeing up money that can be used on other parts of your business
  • We give you control by listening to your strategies and look to understand any current and impending risks you might face
  • We can look at other areas to save you money and improve the total cost of risk including elements of self-insurance and more


If our findings suggest you’d be better off reducing your level of cover, we will advise you of this.

Our approach is fuelled by transparency because it’s the only way advisers can eliminate potential conflicts of interest. This reassures you that our interests are completely aligned with yours by design, not by adopting error-prone security measures.

We don’t accept growth bonuses, profit shares or other incentives behind the scenes from insurers, so our alchemists are confident in their integrity and can be trusted to save you time and money.

This is what separates us from the competition.

Our unique approach, combined with our in-depth knowledge, allows us to provide expert independent advice with no conflicts of interest.

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