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Claims Handling & Major Incidents


Preserving the strengths of your organisation

Should a crisis occur, will your current cover stand up to the pressure?


With your organisation purified of redundant features and covers, and a carefully drawn-up risk mitigation strategy in place, the worst that could happen is a crisis scenario which flexes your organisation beyond your control. If this occurs, difficulties could worsen if your insurer is unwilling to help. That’s why our team are on hand.


  • We encourage and strive for superb relations between you, ourselves, and your insurer, so that should a scenario occur, we can work together to quickly and effectively neutralise the situation
  • Our expert team will perform reviews, often in conjunction with your insurers or other specialists such as ethical hackers or active assailant perimeter breach tests to examine and advise ways to clinically improve crisis response
  • We understand the impact a crisis can have on public credibility, and uncover ways to avoid losses of public confidence during a major event
  • From our relationship with CEC, you have remarkable access to a claims loss assessor who can meticulously examine your ongoing claims for expert consultancy and market-leading assistance.


The experience our experts have as former brokers place us highly when it comes to strengthening the core of your business. We’ll use the necessary feedback as to the plans, strategies, and approaches we have implemented together thus far.

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