The Risk Factor is revolutionised

As we grow our business and expand our client reach, we must make sure our brand and logo reflect the work we do. That’s why we’re proud to announce a fresh brand.

Our mission

At Risk Factor, we thrive on making bold decisions. We believe insurance needs to be assured and transparent.

Whilst some brokers try to equip you with as much insurance as possible, we believe in equipping you with what you need. Nothing more.

That’s why our service is revolutionary. We are known for disrupting the insurance world, and we’ve been doing this since 1995.

Bigger, bolder, better

As such, we knew our old brand didn’t quite capture the soul of Risk Factor.

Our new brand is bolder and better reflects these core values. Our logo is clear and concise, instantly recognisable whether you see it on the website or on a leaflet or brochure.

What next?

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll also be reshaping our website with a stronger sense of product-based services.

Keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, we want to assure you that our level of service and our contact details will remain the same. Whilst we disrupt the insurance market, our rebrand won’t disrupt us.

You can find out more about our rebrand and our services by contacting us below.

Call 03330 563360.